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Why Use Shaving Oil?

We consulted our most experienced barbers about Pre-Shave/Shaving oil. Why use it? How to use it? Here's a few tips about the benefits of using oil as part of your shaving routine: 

What are the benefits?

-Lubricates the skins

-Softens and lifts the hair making it easier to cut

-Moistens the skin deeply making it easier for the blade to glide

-Opens pores which allows for a closer shave

-Keeps skin moisturizes through the heat of the hot towel

How do I use shaving oil?

-Massage shaving oil into skin until absorbed

-Either take a hot shower, splash warm water, or use a hot towel to further hydrate the skin making it more pliable (be careful of the temperature, you don’t want to scald yourself!)

-Lather the skin as usual with your favourite shaving cream or soap and shave away!  


8th Sep 2017

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