This oil is used in Knights as part of our pre-shave preparation. It is massaged into the skin to lubricate and soften the bristles. It can be used at home as a shave oil. Handy for travelling as it’s a small plastic bottle. 

Useful if you wear a goatee or have a shaped beard. It’s not a foam, so you can easily see the outline you want to keep.



Concentrated irritation prevention.
Non-greasy solution cushions skin for a close, effortless shave. Eucalyptus and clove are just some of the beneficial oils that counter nicks, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs.
Application: Wet face with warm water. Massage oil into beard and shave as usual.
Features: Natural Oil Blend, Rosemary & Clove Extracts, Light Oil.
Benefits: Softens the beard more quickly than cream and allows for a closer shave, natural astringents that penetrate pores, refresh and cool skin while clearing away excess oil, impurities and dead skin cells, lays lightly on the beard and allows the razor to move more gently across the skin, minimizing nicks, cuts and skin rash.