One of the worlds leading and most loved brands in traditional shaving. Proraso has been made in Florence, Italy since the 1940’s. It’s the leading barbershop brand in Italy. These tubes last months and months even with daily use. 

Proraso shave formulas undergo a traditional “hot process” to achieve an extremely fine, dense and full-bodied soap that makes for the ultimate shave. This formula goes through a  three-day maturation period that makes the soap soft and creamy.  When this soap is used with a brush, the result is a rich, full lathering foam. The traditional formula is enriched with natural ingredients for a refreshed and toned feeling.

Eucalyptus Oil has a toning and purifying effect. Menthol has refreshing and revitalizing properties. Glycerin encourages a smooth shave, reducing irritation and redness.
Best used with a shaving brush.